Purpose of the forum & disclaimer

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Purpose of the forum & disclaimer

Post by Tamara on Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:30 am

It is important that everybody understands what this forum IS and what it IS NOT, so they can have realistic expectations.

So, this forum IS:

  • A place where people can share experiences, opinions and information about living in Flanders.

This forum IS NOT:

  • An official website. This means that it is not supported by any governmental organization. It is supported only by the community of users.

  • An authoritative source of information. This means that the validity of information is not verified by the administrator or by any other person or organization, and that there can be some factual mistakes or outdated information. The forum administrator is in no way responsible for the dissemination of such information or the consequences that might ensue on acting on such information. The assumption is that each user is responsible for his/her actions.

In other words, this forum is not a substitute for all the official websites, institutions and organizations that can provide you with objective information and advice about life in Flanders. This forum is an addition to all that, a place where a person can find out the subjective experience of other people, share his/her own experience, connect with others and be a part of a supportive community.

Welcome to Flanders!

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